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Good customers are RARE

Posted on April 25, 2007 - Filed Under Business, Honesty | Leave a Comment

Are you wondering .. what happened to this DVD ..?? Hold you thoughts..! it is not what you are thinking..!
Yes.. this was damaged by a customer.. but she called immediately to let us know about it.. and that she had accidentally turned on the wrong switch.. on her stove .. where all the stuff […]

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Oldies but Goodies

Posted on April 16, 2007 - Filed Under Business | Leave a Comment

Really glad to see some “old” customers back at our store . .renting Wii games. These customers are not really “old” if you know what i mean.. just ppl whom we have known for a long time.. and have been customers of ours for a long time.
With so much competition around town.. we had […]

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Thank you Neighbour..!

Posted on April 11, 2007 - Filed Under Business | Leave a Comment

We have been accidentally getting the neighbour’s business of late. At first .. we wondered why .. our new neighbour.. who is in the same business as us.. would wanna moved 2 doors away from us..??
Everyone had speculated that having them moved up next to us.. would affect our business. But in fact […]

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Selling more than Buying

Posted on April 7, 2007 - Filed Under Business, sellers | Leave a Comment

There were more ppl selling stuff.. than buying stuff .. from us this week. Looks like the town is poor .. ???
Even today.. we had someone sell us a system. A new one for that matter.. !

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Gotta luv’ them

Posted on April 2, 2007 - Filed Under Business | Leave a Comment

A customer was in to trade in a game .. for another. I checked the game.. and it was so badly scratched up.. worst than those lines found in my great-grandmother’s face… and she insisted it still worked..??!!!??? and that she had bought it this way from us.
No way.. could this game […]

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