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Should I Be Surprised?

Posted on June 30, 2007 - Filed Under Ranting, This Town | Leave a Comment

Once again this town continues to disappoint me. It’s Lobster Fest, as I mentioned yesterday. Last year they blocked off Main Street in the downtown core, about 3 blocks worth, to allow people to wander freely about and to give the downtown merchants plenty of sidewalk space to put out their products to […]

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Fake plants

Posted on June 30, 2007 - Filed Under Business | Leave a Comment

We’ve always had real plants in the store. A couple of rubber trees, and 3 or 4 others that I have no idea what they’re called. They look nice but require a lot of maintenance. Water a couple times a week, and every year or so they get too big and need […]

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Posted on June 30, 2007 - Filed Under Marketing | Leave a Comment

Seems like I’m always running out of pens. I haven’t quite figured out why. I buy a box of 12 every couple months. I can’t possibly be using that many. They must be growing legs and walking away when my back is turned. It’s the only explanation I can […]

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Insane labour

Posted on June 30, 2007 - Filed Under computer repair, computers | 1 Comment

Wow, I can’t believe what some places around  here charge to have computer work done.  Staples is probably the worst, charging $80 an hour.  $25 to install a stick of RAM.  $40 to install a hard drive.  Insane.  I hear that the guys just down the road from me charge $75 to format and re-install […]

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Lobster Fest starts today

Posted on June 29, 2007 - Filed Under Entertainment, Fun, This Town | 2 Comments

Lobster Fest 2007 kicks off today under gloomy weather. The sun is trying to peek through the clouds though so we’re hoping it’s successful. Today’s events include:

Dennis Point Wharf – Largest lobster wharf in the province, all day
4pm BBQ & Lobster Boil
5pm Music and Dancing by Dixacadie Dancers
6pm – Official opening
10pm to 2am […]

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My Digital Camera

Posted on June 29, 2007 - Filed Under Fun, gadgets | Leave a Comment

Shortly after our little monster was born, we decided it was time to check out digital cameras. After doing a fair bit of research I settled on the Canon PowerShot S400. It had a lot of great features at the time. 4 megapixel pictures, 3 minute video clips with sound, 3x optical zoom, […]

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Getting slack

Posted on June 29, 2007 - Filed Under Business, Entertainment | Leave a Comment

Gah! I just realized it’s already Friday and I didn’t even post up the new release rental DVDs we got in on Tuesday this week. I haven’t had a chance to actually watch any of these yet but hopefully on the weekend I’ll find some time. Shooter looks good, as well as Black […]

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Online dating

Posted on June 29, 2007 - Filed Under Fun, Internet | Leave a Comment

Some of you wonder why there’s this crazy Chinese woman in the store with me all the time. Most of you already know she’s my wife. What you may not know is that we first met online, many many years ago. We hadn’t used any matchmaking services back then, it was just […]

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Surface Computing

Posted on June 28, 2007 - Filed Under computers, Fun | Leave a Comment

This stuff looks really interesting. A coffee table computer that interfaces with your digital devices wirelessly and automatically, and you don’t even need a keyboard or mouse. More than one person can interact with it at the same time through the motion sensing screen. I’m curious to see how other things will […]

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Aftermarket car parts

Posted on June 27, 2007 - Filed Under Fun, This Town | Leave a Comment

Every day sitting here at work I see and hear ’em go by. The riced up cars with the loud stereos blasting. There are so many customized parts for cars and trucks these days that can be purchased locally and online. Rims & spinners, wheels, spoilers, cold-cathode lights, steering wheels and fancy paint […]

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It’s coming…

Posted on June 27, 2007 - Filed Under Business, Honesty | Leave a Comment

Soon.  And it’s going to be big.  But unfortunately that’s about all I can say about it!
Ok, a little more info.  Simply put, it’s a breakthrough in household cleaning products.  Imagine having a cleaning product so safe that if your child were to drink it, they would be completely unharmed.  I’ve been using it myself […]

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Air Gun Depot

Posted on June 26, 2007 - Filed Under Fun | Leave a Comment

Summer is upon us and with it’s arrival I’m reminded of the good ‘ol days. Back when I was young and stupid, and so were my friends. We couldn’t afford paintball markers back then, and air soft didn’t exist yet, so what did we do? Yup, pellet rifles and pistols. I told ya we were […]

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More of the shaft

Posted on June 26, 2007 - Filed Under Business, Honesty, Ranting | Leave a Comment

It’s not only in the banking fees that we get shafted. And speaking of banking fees, it isn’t just coins that cost a fortune. My basic banking fees per month are $59, this allows a certain number of deposits and withdrawals. If I go over that number, it’s another $1 per transaction. […]

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Software reviews

Posted on June 26, 2007 - Filed Under computers, Internet | Leave a Comment

I’m constantly being asked by parents whether there is any software available that will help protect their children online. Something that will filter out the bad things like porn banners and other nasty things. I finally have something to recommend to them other than just saying ‘I hear Net Nanny is good’. has […]

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