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There’s some really cool fixtures at Shop Premier, this chandelier for instance, I like it. Add a few cobwebs and it reminds me of something you’d see in a haunted house. Spooky chandeliers aside, they have every type of light under the sun whether you need kitchen lighting or fixtures for any other […]

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Sneaky Sony

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It turns out the recent $100 price drop on the 60gb PlayStation 3 was to serve more than one purpose.  First off it did attract more buyers.  Second it allowed Sony to release the 80gb version at the $599 price point that the 60gb used to occupy.  The 60gb version will now join the 20gb […]

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NBC Gets Greedy?

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It seems that NBC wants their content pulled from Apple’s iTunes webstore because they want Apple to raise the prices and Apple wants to keep them where they are.  If things don’t get sorted out by December, we will no longer be able to download shows like The Office, Heroes and Battlestar Galactica.  It would […]

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I stole this Pen

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Not many businesses around here seem to give out promotional pens these days. Not quite sure why, since there are still companies who offer great deals on pens with custom advertising on them. PensRUs has lots to choose from starting as low as just 13 cents each when purchased in bulk quantities.  […]

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Yarmouth used to be a booming tourist town, known as the Gateway to Nova Scotia, and the sidewalks would be packed all summer with tourists. My business has never relied much on tourist traffic though but we did get a fair number coming in the store, usually looking for directions to a good restaurant, […]

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Dogma is probably my favorite movie by Kevin Smith. There’s a lot of amazing talent in the movie from the likes of Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Chris Rock, George Carlin, Alan Rickman… there’s just too many to name them all. I like the movie so much because of the religious aspects of […]

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Discounted software for Students

Posted on August 30, 2007 - Filed Under computers, shopping | 1 Comment

If it’s one thing a student needs it’s a break on software prices, with applications such as Office and Photoshop normally costing hundreds of dollars each. CampusTech offers thousands of student software titles at unbeatable prices, typically 50% to 80% below the MSRP.  Online verification of the student’s ID is required since […]

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Heroes Unaired Pilot

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The first thing I watched out of the Heroes Season 1 box set was the Unaired Pilot. After having watched the series all the way through I’m sure glad they made changes to the original. Rather than Ted the Nuclear Guy, the original pilot had generic terrorists plotting to blow up the city. […]

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No Idol for Yarmouth

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It’s the end of the line for Dwight d’Eon, he received the least amount of votes this week and didn’t make it into the top 3.  Still though, 4th place is nothing to sneeze at and I’m sure it will still earn him and his band, Never, a record deal.  Dwight was expecting that this […]

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Super low RAM prices

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RAM has been going down in price pretty steadily during the summer.  Currently I’m selling 1gb of DDR2 667 for just $70 Cdn.  Such is the way with computers.  Things have gotten so much cheaper in general over the last few years.  I remember  way way back when I did my first RAM upgrade, my […]

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Miami Real Estate

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I’ve been watching USA Networks new show, Burn Notice, every week since it premiered. I’ve gotta say, owning a piece of Miami real estate would be pretty sweet. A place right on the beach would be great spot to spend the winters, and then come back here during the tornado seasons where it’s a […]

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Heroes – now on DVD

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One of last years best new shows is now available on DVD. I watched every episode during the year and I’ll probably try to re-watch them all again before the new season starts up on Sept. 24, 07. Where else can you find an indestructible cheerleader, a flying politician, a nuclear man, a […]

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Bioshock problems

Posted on August 28, 2007 - Filed Under computers, gaming, Ranting | Leave a Comment

In their continuing efforts to thwart the pirate community, 2k Games, the developers of Bioshock have embedded some nasty copy protection schemes. Users are only allowed to have it installed on a maximum of 2 computers, if a 3rd install is required, you are out of luck unless you uninstall it from one of […]

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Clean up that Mess

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Imagine your hard drive is like a big office with lots of people working in it.  Now imagine that in the file room, all the files for the entire office are just scattered in huge piles on the floor.  Yep, it would take a long time to find the file you need right?  That’s why […]

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