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Many many moons ago when I first started playing first person shooters on computer, the default controls used the ESDF keys for movement and the mouse for looking and shooting. I quickly got used to doing it that way, but then along came a game that was using WASD for movement instead. Not […]

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Voting for the Other Guy

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Phil Mooney will be going up against Charles Crosby in the next Mayoral election. Crosby has been running the town into the ground for the last 20 years so hopefully this will be his last term. I’ll vote for Phil simply because he’s not Crosby. Unless his campaign turns out to be […]

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Formaspace Workbenches

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I spent a couple hours today cleaning up my work area. I had put some shelves on the wall not too long ago so that helped with the space problems. Now it’s more of a height problem. The counter is too low to work at standing up and too high to work […]

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Grand Theft Auto IV is here

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Even though there are more then 4 Grand Theft Auto games out there, the real #4 just released today for the XBox 360 and Playstation 3 gaming consoles. A number of years ago GTA III first graced the PS2 and was later released on the XBox. Vice City and San Andreas weren’t true […]

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Hi-res Image Capture

Posted on April 28, 2008 - Filed Under computers, gadgets | Leave a Comment

I remember a few years back when a local band wanted me to convert some of their videos from VHS to DVD. Doing it through a computer was the only way I could accomplish the task. It’s not something I typically do since I don’t have the proper equipment to do it properly, but […]

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Sometimes it’s Good to Suck

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Sometimes you just need to stay awake. Whether your on a long drive, working the graveyard shift or trying to beat just one more boss in your favorite game, there are many ways to keep your mind awake and alert. Coffee and energy drinks are the most common so far, but now there’s […]

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The Raging Tech

Posted on April 28, 2008 - Filed Under Amused, Internet | 1 Comment

In my online quest to find something new to read this morning I came across The Raging Tech. At first I thought it would be a gadget type blog similar to Cowbell Tech, but it’s actually more of a personal blog written by a guy who works in tech support. I’ve been browsing […]

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I Need an LCD TV

Posted on April 27, 2008 - Filed Under Business | Leave a Comment

I’m not greedy, it doesn’t need to be a big one, but I want one that I can hook up to the main computers’ second video output so I can run loops of movie trailers. I’d just hook up another monitor but something around a 26″ would be much more effective.
Whenever I’m in another […]

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Wholesale Distributors

Posted on April 25, 2008 - Filed Under Business | Leave a Comment

A few years back when we were still down on Central Street with 4000 sq ft of space we had a small corner set aside for cheap dollar store type items. Finding a distributor for wholesale products wasn’t easy but we did find one with decent prices. Dollar Days is a great […]

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Damn Gas Prices

Posted on April 25, 2008 - Filed Under Ranting, This Country | Leave a Comment

If this keeps up I’ll soon have to start riding a bicycle to work, with a wagon to pull Chloe along behind me. $1.34 a litre this week, it’s getting rather crazy, every week the price goes up around 5 cents. To you Americans reading this and whining about your $3.50 a gallon […]

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Stuntman: Ignition

Posted on April 23, 2008 - Filed Under Entertainment, gaming | Leave a Comment

I’ve gotta say, I hate memorization games. Splinter Cell is something I don’t enjoy at all. Sneak around slowly, set off an alarm, start the level over but avoid the trigger you just found, hit a different trigger and start over. Argh! Stuntman Ignition is basically just a faster Splinter Cell. […]

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Online Price Guides for Comics & Action Figures

Posted on April 23, 2008 - Filed Under Entertainment, Fun | Leave a Comment

Most people from my age (or older) tend to have a box or two of old toys and comics stuffed away in an attic or basement somewhere. What we may not know is that some of the old ‘junk’ can be worth quite a bit of money. Personally I wasn’t much of a […]

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Posted on April 22, 2008 - Filed Under gaming, Internet | Leave a Comment

Free games can be found all over the internet, most of them Java or flash based. Pogo is one of the best/most popular and has a lot of games available even for the free users. Club Pogo is their paid version and costs around $40 a year. The subscription gives access to […]

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MORE Money?!

Posted on April 22, 2008 - Filed Under News, This Town | Leave a Comment

Now the Y’arc (Yarmouth Arts Regional Centre) needswants a new building, their current facility is getting very old and outdated. They’ve called for a public meeting on May 5, 2008 to discuss this. They needwant 8 million to build the new facility. At least they’ve been doing their own fund raising over […]

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