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Those darn Identity thieves

Posted on May 27, 2008 - Filed Under Finances, Internet, thieves | Leave a Comment

Identity theft is becoming an increased problem these days, you have to be really careful of how you use your personal information whether it’s online, at home or in a regular place of business. It could be as simple as an unscrupulous employee at a restaurant or store copying down your credit card info […]

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Microwaved Cell Phone

Posted on May 27, 2008 - Filed Under Amused, Internet | 2 Comments

Take this as a warning to never put electronics in a microwave, I knew bad things would happen but this is pretty crazy. The results are cool though I gotta say, as long as there’s a shotgun or an exorcist nearby you may be reasonably safe.

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Strange Wiring

Posted on May 26, 2008 - Filed Under building, Business | Leave a Comment

Some things about this new store confuse me. The electrical system was all redone less than 2 years ago and some other renovations were done at the same time. For instance, there are some network jacks in the walls in a couple of places, but some of them don’t work. I assume […]

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Neptune’s Balance Cream

Posted on May 26, 2008 - Filed Under Business, Health | Leave a Comment

It’s been quite some time now since Darrell last told me about their new skin cream, he dropped off some samples for me to try out and it does work well. I have a bit of a dry skin problem, and that stuff seems to work better than other brands I’ve tried. I […]

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Can’t Wait for July

Posted on May 26, 2008 - Filed Under Business, Finances | Leave a Comment

This is that time of year when everything slows down for us. The weather is nice so people are outside getting stuff done; cleaning, gardening, exercising and so on. So it becomes this time of year that we have to tighten down on the budgeting and planning as well, spend less on the […]

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More Luggage

Posted on May 26, 2008 - Filed Under Amused, Business | Leave a Comment

It’s only been a couple months since I last mentioned this, but I’ve already added 3 more bags to my unofficial luggage set. All 3 from people who brought in a bunch of stuff to sell and then either forgot or didn’t want their bag back. The last was a small Briggs and […]

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Shop Around

Posted on May 23, 2008 - Filed Under computers, Internet | Leave a Comment

Tonight I learned it really pays to shop around a little bit when registering a domain name. Normally I use Bluehost for all my domains, they’re $10 a year and automatically renew. Tonight though the name I wanted to buy was a .ca and bluehost doesn’t allow those. I think only Canadian […]

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Lots of Used Guitar Hero

Posted on May 23, 2008 - Filed Under Entertainment, gaming, sellers | 1 Comment

Quite a few people getting rid of Guitar Hero games and controllers over the last couple of weeks. I currently have a wireless PS2 guitar and Guitar Hero 1 game. For XBox 360 I have 2 Xplorer guitars, 1 Strat, 1 set of drums, 1 mic, 1 Rock Band game and 3 Guitar […]

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Customizable USB Flash Drives

Posted on May 21, 2008 - Filed Under computers, gadgets, shopping | Leave a Comment

I can’t imagine working in this business without having a USB flash drive. I’ve hated floppies for years and re-burning CDs whenever a new driver gets updated is a pain. I currently use a 2gb flash drive for all my relevant drivers and software programs that I regularly use when doing computer repairs. […]

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Posted on May 21, 2008 - Filed Under News, This Town | Leave a Comment, one of the biggest employers in our area, is getting set for a big expansion. Currently employing over 250 people full time in Yarmouth, plans are to add an additional 150 employees locally and also to open an office in the Halifax area. Another 200 jobs are expected to be created for […]

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Another local small business going under

Posted on May 21, 2008 - Filed Under This Town | Leave a Comment

Heard about a month ago that another local business is going to be closing it’s doors before the summer is over. He hasn’t done his big announcement yet so I’ll keep the name private for now, but it’s a shame to see it go. Yet another victim of the big box stores that […]

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Saga – Free Online RTS Game

Posted on May 19, 2008 - Filed Under computers, gaming, Internet | Leave a Comment

It’s been a long time since I played an RTS (real time strategy) game on the computer, the last one I remember playing was Command & Conquer Red Alert 2 which came out a few years ago. The ones I played the most were Warcraft and Starcraft but since Starcraft 2 is still a […]

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Violent Beating in Yarmouth

Posted on May 16, 2008 - Filed Under News, This Town | Leave a Comment

A severe beating took place last night in an apartment at 15 Bond Street here in Yarmouth. Three suspects in their mid 20’s were taken into custody as the victim was rushed to hospital with skull fractures. Sources say that baseball bats were involved in the beating.
Update: The victim has been released from […]

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GTA IV First Impressions

Posted on May 13, 2008 - Filed Under gaming | Leave a Comment

These are my very early first impressions with GTA IV, I’m sure my opinion will change once I’ve gotten more into the game. So far I’ve only played about an hour and a half and the driving sucks. It’s cool because it’s realistic, but I don’t play games for realism, I play games […]

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