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Busted sway bar mount

April 27, 2010 - Filed Under Life -

You’d think that if something was on your car when you bought it, it would probably serve a purpose, but in some cases I guess it doesn’t. After hearing a clunking noise for a while I finally took the car in to the garage to get checked out when it suddenly got a lot worse one day. Turns out one of the sway bar mounts had rusted off, so the mechanic was saying “ohhh, that’s not good” in a way that usually means it’ll cost a few hundred to fix. But then he just said oh well, take it off and throw it out, you don’t need it anyway! So $10 later my rear sway bar was sitting on the garage floor and I was on my way out. Apparently sway bars are just an option, some cars have them and some don’t. They’re really only beneficial during high speed turns according to this guy. It’s been a few weeks already and I haven’t noticed any performance problems with the car and nothing has fallen apart, so I guess he was right!


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