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Crappy Month for New Release DVDs

April 27, 2010 - Filed Under DVD, Entertainment -

April has been pretty bad for new movies.  There’s been quite a few good new things at the theater, but good DVD releases have been few and far between.  Avatar was the biggest hit this month and probably the only big hit actually.  There’s been a few decent lesser known titles out of course, like It’s Complicated (how many wrinkle creams has Meryl Streep been slapping on to keep up the youthful appearance I wonder?). Defendor with Woody Harrelson was good for a few laughs, he’s like a poor mans Batman; throwing marbles at the bad guys while he tries to track down Captain Industry and bring him to justice. Sherlock Holmes has been hit or miss, most people love it some people hate it, but it’s actually been renting out more than Avatar so far, I think because a lot of people will buy Avatar rather than just rent it.


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