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Magic: The Gathering cards Selling

April 18, 2010 - Filed Under Business, sale -

Must be a bunch of new Magic players in town these days ’cause there’s been quite a few new faces buying cards. That’s a good thing since cards used to only sell about once a month and now there’s people buying about 3 times a week. Small amounts though, won’t be buying the wife a Fendi any time soon, but it adds up. So I’ve been sorting through the boxes in the back room and putting more out, found some rares that are worth a few bucks each but most are just commons/uncommons.

The new expansion comes out next week and I’ve got a couple boxes on order so if you’re looking for Rise of Eldrazi boosters, I’ll have them in on release day (Friday) for $4.50 a pack or $130 a box.


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