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April 22, 2010 - Filed Under Business, Ranting, This Country -

So quick poll here, if you rent a video game or movie and then never return it, is it considered theft? Apparently not according to the RCMP, it’s something to do with civil contract laws and needs to be taken to small claims court. Now if you sell that thing you stole rented then apparently it becomes theft because you are making a profit by selling something that isn’t legally yours. Something like that, trying to follow the little twists these local laws take is like trying to figure out what the best sleep aid is.

I was reading some posts from a video store owner in the states and apparently it’s very different in his area. If items are rented and not returned, he can file a police report and have the renters arrested and even jailed if they don’t pay for the un-returned items! That would be hilarious around here, I could easily fill a couple cell blocks with delinquent renters.


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