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Health Products @ Local Pharmacy

October 20, 2010 - Filed Under Business, Food, Health, This Town -

The wife being a diabetic is always looking out for any health product she can get her hands on.  She reads up a lot on how she can lower her blood sugar, how she can lose some weight – how she can eat healthy.  Whenever she comes across an article about certain products that can help with her health – she heads over to the local pharmacy and chat with them about it and asked them what they think about it.  Whether they are  hoodia for losing weight – or the recent berry pills – the local pharmacist is always helpful.  And if they don’t have it they would direct you to another health store for them.   There are not many health products one can find around here – so after checking with her doctors and her pharmacist – she sometimes need to resort to buying them online.   The wife said this town needs to have a special store just for diabetics like her – who wants to lose weight and lower their blood sugar.


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