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Who Is Your Supplier ?

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We get asked this question very often  – amongst other – which we find it really amusing.  First off – why would i tell you who my supplier is for a certain product you are interested in or seems to want to buy it in the future?  I run a business and if I give […]

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At The Back Of Our Store

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Many smokers from around our store loved to stand around the back of our store – because we have a sort of cover up – from rain and sun – especially the wind from the sea.  So they stand at the back of our store – and smoke their lungs out.  Normally, we don’t mind […]

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Canada’s Day Opening Hours

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Canada’s Day is round the corner – it’s coming faster than we imagined – but just yesterday – it dawn on us that hey!  Canada’s day is this Friday.   I know what you wanna ask us – are we open!  Yes! we are – from 12noon – right up to 6pm.  But if you wanna […]

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New releases

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New releases in today!
Season of the Witch
Barney’s Version
Cyrus: Mind of a Serial Killer
New stuff in Last Week!
Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2
The Adjustment Bureau
Legend of the Fist
Day of the Triffids
The Eagle
Cedar Rapids
Mega Python vs Gatoroid
The Other Woman

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Disc Repair

Posted on June 26, 2011 - Filed Under Business, disc care, Electronics, This Town | 2 Comments

Have a scratch disc – that you just paid $80 for ?  or your kid left it in the open and it doesn’t want to play now?  Or the xbox 360 was moved and gave the disc a scratched ring?  No worries !  we have an awesome machine that we imported from USA – and […]

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Supporting Businesses

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While the spouse loved to support the downtown businesses and sell other downtown businesses to our customers, friends and family – there are some stuff she needs to buy online like  shoes womens must have – so she said.  She said she can’t find these shoes anywhere in town – so she buys them online […]

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Gator Byte Going High Tech

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Haha !  not exactly – but we are trying out the new  bluetooth barcode scanner at our store – to see if it would make things any easier for us.   We figured with using the barcode scanner – we don’t have to type in all the codes on the computer when we are doing the […]

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Flowers For Friends

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The spouse has friends from all over the world because she used to for a hotel chain that allows her to travel for her work.  But it was when she was with this Spanish company – that she met more friends from around the world.  And if you ‘ve met the spouse – you will […]

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New DVD & Bluray

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Huge new release week!
Hall Pass
Battle: Los Angeles
Big Mommas Like Father, Like Son
Red Riding Hood
The Chosen One
Kill the Irishman
and back by popular demand, Hangover!

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Summer Hours

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Just to let everyone know – we are open on Sundays from 12pm – 5pm – every Sunday.
We are also opened on Saturdays from 9am – 9pm – for your shopping convenience.  So come rent a movie, buy a game or a console or bring your computer down for repairs.

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Yarmouth Farmer’s Market

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Yarmouth Farmer’s Market – opened during the weekend for the very first time in downtown Yarmouth – is a vibrant little place and a Farmer’s Market I can say I am very proud of.  Not only does the place look nice – it is going to be an all year round event for the people […]

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