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Shop Local, Love Local

Posted on November 30, 2012 - Filed Under Business, shopping, This Town | Leave a Comment

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Return to Ravnica Gift Set

Posted on November 21, 2012 - Filed Under Entertainment, gaming, Holidays | Leave a Comment

For those ladies out there who have boyfriends or husband playing Magic The Gathering – this will be the perfect gift for them.  Only $25 + tax – I have limited sets only.   In the box are 4 booster packs, a large storage box, a bunch of little dividers and things to help keep cards […]

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Investing In Homes For Rent

Posted on November 20, 2012 - Filed Under Business, Holidays, Life, Travel | Leave a Comment

Many people that we’ve come to become friends with at the store are into investing in homes for rent not only here in town but away.  My friends from home asked me all the time about investing in properties in this town because one of them uses  homes for rent fayetteville nc  where owners and […]

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Super NES System

Posted on November 19, 2012 - Filed Under Business, Entertainment, gaming, shopping | Leave a Comment

I know that some of you out there are looking for the Super NES System – the original ones for Christmas – I have some for sale now – comes with cables and controller – at $45 + tax.  These sells like hotcakes – so come by and get yours now.

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Out Of Town

Posted on November 18, 2012 - Filed Under Business, Holidays, Life | Leave a Comment

We are out of town for the weekend for a doctor’s appointment – but Gary will be in the store to help you and buy some of the stuff you have to bring into the store for us.  In the meantime, come in and rent some movies and buy some things.

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Store’s Showcases

Posted on November 16, 2012 - Filed Under Business, gadgets, shopping, This Town | Leave a Comment

For those who haven’t been in the store for a long time, we have new showcases – well not exactly new – but new to us – they are previously used ones – but really good condition except for a few minor adjustments and upgrades that we need to work on.  So we need to […]

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No Air Service Again

Posted on November 14, 2012 - Filed Under Business, Life, This Town | Leave a Comment

Am I surprised?  nope not really but I have to say that they lasted longer than I had expected.  But only 2.5 years of service and many funding from the government – the air service is bailing out before they run themselves deeper into debt – I am guessing.  With no government funding/help in the […]

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Karaoke CDs

Posted on November 13, 2012 - Filed Under Business, Entertainment, shopping | Leave a Comment

Every week, there is one or two customers looking for karaoke cds at our store, unfortunately, we do not carry them.  But I’ve found an online place where one can order them easily and shipping is free.  I’m sure those who are into karaoke singing would love to know where it is – so here […]

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We Observed

Posted on November 11, 2012 - Filed Under Business | Leave a Comment

Yes! it’s Remembrance Day today and we observed our 2 minutes silence a few minutes ago.  Donation has been made to the veterans in Canada and we’ve spoken to Chloe about why it’s important to observe Remembrance day.  We are open today for our customers’ convenience but we do remember and care for those who […]

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We Are Open!

Posted on November 11, 2012 - Filed Under Business, This Town | Leave a Comment

For our customers convenience we are open on Remembrance Day after the service at 12 noon – 6pm and on Monday – from 11am – 8pm.  See you in the store ! support your local business.

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A Very Good Idea Indeed!

Posted on November 10, 2012 - Filed Under Amused, Business, shopping, This Town | Leave a Comment

Support your local businesses!  Your local businesses need your support more than the big chain companies.  Your local businesses are the ones that give back to the community – so this Christmas, I asked that you support your local business, shop locally instead of going to the city to shop.  If you can find the […]

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Gaming Accessories

Posted on November 9, 2012 - Filed Under Business, Entertainment, gadgets, gaming, shopping, This Town | Leave a Comment

Lots of gaming accessories in stock today including Wii sensor bars $15, chargers for GBA, PSP, DS Lite $13 each. SNES controllers $10, RetroGen adapters $30 (play Genesis games on SNES consoles) and AV cables for Playstation, N64, Cube and more at $10 each.

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Another Lost – Colony Restaurant

Posted on November 8, 2012 - Filed Under Business, Life, Ranting, This Country, This Town | Leave a Comment

Yes, another business closing in this town and even though I heard that the province did pump in $1 million in December 2011 – the smaller hotel was closed but the restaurant was kept opened.  A few days ago, Rodd’s Operation Director announced that it’s closing its restaurant as well.  A  lot of staff will […]

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Go Retro This Christmas

Posted on November 7, 2012 - Filed Under Business, Entertainment, gaming, Holidays, shopping, This Town | Leave a Comment

Don’t know to get for your kids or husband this Christmas ?  after all, I’m pretty sure they have all the other systems right?  from the PS3 to the Xbox 360 and of course not forgetting the Wii  – so you have trouble surprising them ?  No worries – Retro Duo back in stock! Plays […]

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