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Looking Back At 2016

January 2, 2017 - Filed Under Business, NS, This Town, Yarmouth -

 Yes, now that the Christmas is over , the parties are done and all the shopping are almost concluded , all the Christmas decor came down today , we can sit back and take a breather and look at all that we’ve accomplished for the year 2016.

We started 2016 with high hopes, in search of a building to buy as we had been earnestly looking for one for the longest time but came April 2016, we weren’t having any luck at all.  Either the location wasn’t right , or the condition of the building just didn’t seems to be all there and a fix me upper is not something we have time for.   So in May 2016, our present landlord – The Trask folks agreed to do the renovation work for us at 316 Main Street and we finally decided that we are going to continue to rent from The Trask Group.

So June came , we got ready to move and by the end of June 2016, we started moving into our new location .  It took us a complete 2 months to move everything from our old store to our current location , with the help of some really long time customers turned into friends.  Even Gary Deon came to help us move on a Sunday and we cannot thank all of these people who’ve helped us.  You know who you are.

 August 2016 came and went and our plan to do the Scavenger Hunt to celebrate our 17 years in business was pushed back as we were so busy organizing and re-organizing the store.  As you can all see , the Magic The Gathering gamer/s played at our store the minute we moved in and we had the D & D group playing religiously on Saturday as well.  Our plans for a all type of game area is yet to be completed as we are still busy with planning our Board games as well as Pokemon games .

Came November , the weather got a lot cooler and we asked Yarmouth Recreation , Frank Grant to help us co-ordinate our Scavenger Hunt and of course , it was a great success with 47 teams in total but not without the support of our downtown merchants who sponsored another 18 prizes.  Our Halloween decors were put up and everyone had great fun with Vanguard covering the event live and an article on Vanguard as well as CJLS promoting the Scavenger Hunt.  Chloe our daughter had been a great help with the decoration , cutting up and distributing the cake and water for all Scavenger Hunters for that day.

In conjunction with our Scavenger Hunt to celebrate our 17 years in business, we also help to raise fund for our local resident , Lorraine Bain who needed help with a new wheelchair.  We raised $505.85 in total and once again , we couldn’t have done it without your help .  THANK YOU ALL !! who’ve come and donated . Bless your hearts !

 December came and went , and with the new store , new locality , we saw an increase in business and of course , once again we cannot have done it without the help of Mike McPherson who’ve been instrumental in coordinating the renovation work and making sure that our doors and heat pump were in – order .  Christmas was really busy for us and we thank everyone who’ve come in and supported our business and all of downtown.

 So here we are the second week into the new year and we are still busy with customers and computer work/repairs and as you all see , the boss never stops bringing you new products and continue to purchase previously used systems/products to re-sell at good value.

Yes , we are here to stay whatever you may hear and thanks to all of you , we couldn’t have made it without you (our customers)  all and good landlord/s and of course our fellow business associates and suppliers.  Thank you all from the bottom of our heart.


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