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March 7, 2017 - Filed Under Business -

This afternoon I had a very upset customer walk into our store looking to confirm a rumor. The rumor was that we are closing our business. LOL. So here is the truth from the horse’s mouth (I speak for Chris , Chloe and I collectively) and for many who knows me or encounter me (the crazy chinese woman) , I don’t beat around the bush , I say it as it is. After serving the community for the past 17 years we have no intention of closing anytime soon, and since we’re not going anywhere, how about we have a “NOT GOING OUT OF BUSINESS SALE” coming soon to a Gator Byte near you. (and before any MORE rumors start, no we’re not opening more stores, it’s a joke)

And for those who had been spreading these funny rumors, grow up. She was visibly upset and was quite relieved when I told her the truth. LOL.


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