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So You Think We Are A Rip Off ??

March 1, 2017 - Filed Under Business, gaming, shopping -

I’m sure at one point or another , you’ve heard someone calling us a rip off and after 17 yrs in business , it still does irks me a little when I hear that but maybe the below video will explain a little about how we come about paying for different items that you bring in for trade – ins or to sell to us at our store.

Might I also mentioned that it is entirely up to the customers whether they would like to sell or trade in their items , be it a movie or a video game. We would never force anyone to part with any items that they don’t want to part with. So when I hear someone calling us rude names , it just baffles me. We may not pay as low as Gamestop but after you’ve watched the video , perhaps you will get a clearer picture as how one needs to make money to run a business. Once again, if you do not agree with the offer that we gave you , you DO NOT need to part with your items, please feel free to say no.


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