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The Witch Hunt Begins

Posted on October 17, 2010 - Filed Under Amused, Business, Contests, Health, This Town | Leave a Comment

So the witch hunt begins today !  for the downtown – find the 13 witches in different stores at downtown yarmouth – match the numbers to the stores you find and then you can return the completed ballot slip to YDC ballot box located at Lovitt Plaza.   In fact you may find some other […]

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Online Radio

Posted on April 8, 2009 - Filed Under Contests, Entertainment, Internet, Music, review | Leave a Comment

Living in a town with 1 radio station can make it difficult to hear new music, especially since hard rock/heavy metal is what I normally listen to. I’ve been introduced to more ‘new’ music through Rock Band & Guitar Hero then pretty much any other method of listening. So what do you do when your […]

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Holy shit we won something!

Posted on September 9, 2008 - Filed Under Amused, Contests | 1 Comment

I got a call this afternoon, around quarter to 5, asking to speak to either Jan or myself. I was then informed that it was Big Brothers/Big Sisters calling to let me know that our name came up in their monthly draw, the prize being either a trip for 2 to Montreal, or $1000! […]

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Win a Trip to Atlanta

Posted on September 7, 2008 - Filed Under Amused, Contests | Leave a Comment

If you’ve ever wanted to go to Atlanta now could be your chance. There’s a contest going on at and you could win a trip to Atlanta Georgia for you and 3 of your friends/relatives. It’s only open to Canadian residents (I’m so tired of seeing contests that are only available to […]

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Microsoft Gas Giveaway

Posted on July 1, 2008 - Filed Under Business, Contests | Leave a Comment

Microsoft may be one of the largest companies in the world, but that doesn’t stop them from trying to help out the little guy from time to time. A current promotion from Microsoft Small Business includes some various tips on how to save money by changing the way you do business, as well as […]

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Sometimes it’s Good to Suck

Posted on April 28, 2008 - Filed Under Contests | Leave a Comment

Sometimes you just need to stay awake. Whether your on a long drive, working the graveyard shift or trying to beat just one more boss in your favorite game, there are many ways to keep your mind awake and alert. Coffee and energy drinks are the most common so far, but now there’s […]

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More Thoughts on a Tournament

Posted on March 17, 2008 - Filed Under Business, computers, Contests, gaming | Leave a Comment

Lately I’ve had a few more customers saying I should hold some sort of Guitar Hero or Rock Band tournament, and I agree that it would be cool to do. A few concerns come up though, the first being where to actually hold the tournament. My store is too small to cram in […]

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Win a Home Makeover

Posted on March 17, 2008 - Filed Under Contests, Life | Leave a Comment

How would you like to win a home makeover? Even though our house is only 3 years old I’d love to be able to get some work done on it. The basement needs to be finished, the kitchen doesn’t have enough cupboard space and we could use a dishwasher. The backyard still […]

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Charter High Speed Internet

Posted on March 6, 2008 - Filed Under computers, Contests, Internet | Leave a Comment

I wish my high speed provider would come up with contests and offers like this. Charter high speed is going to give away a Nintendo Wii to one of their lucky customers. If you are with Charter already, or plan to start using them soon you can enter a contest for a chance […]

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Niagara Falls

Posted on December 12, 2007 - Filed Under Contests, Travel | Leave a Comment

Many years ago when my wife first came to visit here, it was just before Christmas in the year 2000. She was here for a month and then when it was time to go back to Singapore for work, I went back as far as Toronto with her and we spent a few days […]

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Xmas Giveaway at Overstock

Posted on December 3, 2007 - Filed Under Contests, gadgets, Internet, Marketing, shopping | Leave a Comment, a large internet based retailer of nearly any item you can think of, is having an All I want for Christmas Giveaway. You can win any item they sell that’s worth $1000 or less and also win something for 5 of your friends in the process. That would be a good way […]

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