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Gator Byte Supports Our Teachers !

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In my humble opinion , teachers are the most important people in every kids’ life. They spend more waking hours with them than most of us do and they not only teach them , they also help shape their lives. Who they become in the future and how our kids will impact society in the […]

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Anime Mystery Minis

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Anime Mystery Minis in today too

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Yoshi, Toad, poke-ball and Pikachu Plush

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The selection grows! Yoshi, Toad, poke-ball and Pikachu; all $4 ea plus HST.  Get it all in store !  definitely cheaper than anywhere else you can get in town.  

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MineCraft Plushie & Minions

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With such overwhelming responds for the minecraft plushie during the Christmas season, we brought more in and some minions for those who loved Despicable 1 & 2.  I don’t know about you but my kid loved it so much, she bought it with her own money.  But they are cheap as compare to elsewhere, so […]

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The Ultimate Geek’s Christmas Gift

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Risk – Walking Dead $65 Monopoly – Zelda $55

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MineCraft Plushies

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Yes ! we have  Minecraft plush characters $8 each, HST included .  yay!  while you can find them at Walmart for $12.95 + tax , ours is only $8 and why not support your local business right?  Yes, they are your original minecraft plushies.  I’m saving some for my kid for Christmas.  Come get them […]

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I Know My Bylaws

Posted on October 3, 2014 - Filed Under Business, kids, Ranting, This Country, This Town | Leave a Comment

Someone called the store the other day and asked if we bought like 15 – 20 games and that they were stolen from his place and he was robbed.  So I tried to be sympathetic and asked him all the questions that I would usually ask if someone lost some items and think that they […]

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No, I’m Not Giving You Money Kid

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Kid came into the store with $2.25 and told me that he still didn’t have enough for a $20 game.  I agreed with him and told him that he had to save a wee bit more.  He then continue to ask if he could change some money with me.  I asked him what denomination?  He […]

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Vacation Time

Posted on August 27, 2013 - Filed Under Business, Holidays, kids, Life, shopping, Travel | Leave a Comment

Last week of summer vacation for the kids around here and we were to travel to PEI but weather doesn’t seems to be permitting at this point of time.  No point going to PEI when it’s going to rain the entire week that we are going to be there right?  We were all prepared to […]

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Posted on August 8, 2013 - Filed Under Business, Entertainment, Fun, gadgets, gaming, kids, shopping | Leave a Comment

Trying out HeroClix, if they do well I’ll bring in more variety!

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Good News! Good News!

Posted on July 27, 2013 - Filed Under Holidays, kids, Life, This Town | Leave a Comment

What’s the good news?  come in the store and we’ll tell you personally.  And NO!  we are not having another baby silly!

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Ski Pants For Kids

Posted on March 6, 2013 - Filed Under kids, Life, school, Weather | 3 Comments

The brat tore her ski pants  again and even though this is the 2nd one this winter – and we’ve sewn the first one up for her, she doesn’t seems to be gentle with them at all.  But who could blame her right, afterall, sledding and playing in the snow – isn’t such a gentle […]

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The New Year

Posted on January 3, 2013 - Filed Under Business, kids, Life, school, This Town | Leave a Comment

So Christmas is over and the New Year’s Eve party is behind us now – and all the kids are back in school – Hallelujah!  now back to business for us again.  Yes, it had been a crazy few weeks for us but we are ready to settle down and do our paper work and […]

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Thank You For Your Kindness

Posted on December 20, 2012 - Filed Under Business, kids, Life, This Town | Leave a Comment

We have many wonderful customers despite some who ripped us off by not bringing back our games and movies that they’ve rented  but that’s another story for another day.  For the past few days, we’ve been happy recipients of Christmas gifts for our lil’ brat from our generous and long time customers who’ve been with […]

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