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Gator Byte Supports Our Teachers !

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In my humble opinion , teachers are the most important people in every kids’ life. They spend more waking hours with them than most of us do and they not only teach them , they also help shape their lives. Who they become in the future and how our kids will impact society in the […]

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New Movies This Week : 04 October 2016

Posted on October 4, 2016 - Filed Under Business, DVD, Entertainment, Movies, NS, This Country, This Town, Yarmouth | Leave a Comment

Some good new releases in for rent this week, including:
X-men Apocalypse
The Purge: Election Year
Attack on Titan
Feed the Evil
The Mind’s Eye
A Bigger Splash

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Easter weekend Holiday Hours

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Easter weekend Holiday hours:
Good Friday – 12pm to 9pm
Saturday – 11am to 9pm
Easter Sunday – Closed
Easter Monday – 12pm to 6pm

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Anime Mystery Minis

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Anime Mystery Minis in today too

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Shoplifter’s Warning

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Closed Due To Weather

Posted on January 27, 2015 - Filed Under Business, This Country, This Town, Weather | Leave a Comment

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A Lot Of Chattering About The Boat

Posted on October 19, 2014 - Filed Under Business, Life, Marketing, This Country, This Town | 1 Comment

Everyone had been asking if the boat has brought us more business this summer, not only our customers, but other business owners and some of our town councils as well.  The mayor haven’t been by but that’s because she is so busy, guess she doesn’t have time for us the small potatoes hahahahah!  But yes, […]

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I Know My Bylaws

Posted on October 3, 2014 - Filed Under Business, kids, Ranting, This Country, This Town | Leave a Comment

Someone called the store the other day and asked if we bought like 15 – 20 games and that they were stolen from his place and he was robbed.  So I tried to be sympathetic and asked him all the questions that I would usually ask if someone lost some items and think that they […]

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Music Fest In Town

Posted on August 13, 2014 - Filed Under Entertainment, Music, shopping, This Country, This Town | Leave a Comment

 Besides the Shark Scramble that starts tomorrow, the Coal Shed Music Fest will be having ton of wonderful musician playing for everyone in town.  So don’t forget to go support and enjoy starting at 3.30pm tomorrow.  And if you are wondering where you can get your music equipments and accessories, we order ours online from […]

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Why Support Your Local Businesses?

Posted on December 15, 2013 - Filed Under Business, Life, shopping, This Country, This Town | Leave a Comment

I bought all my presents for family and friends locally and from small businesses – what about you?  For my friends ‘ kids and their toys – I bought them from Sandy’s gift store just down the road.  I needed a warmer shoe, I bought them from Runner’s Attic.   I bought jams for my kid’s […]

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Nova Scotians Have Spoken

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Need I say more?

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Realllyyyy????? Only 7 Counts ????

Posted on October 7, 2013 - Filed Under Business, Ranting, Spam/Scam, This Country, This Town | Leave a Comment

I’ve not met Frank Anderson, neither do we have any dealings with him, afterall, we are just your friendly neighborhood small business, he wouldn’t care to know who we are – and THANK GOD ! for that!   But having said that, I know that there are a lot of locally owned businesses who have had […]

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Round Table Discussion With The Next Premier

Posted on September 10, 2013 - Filed Under Amused, This Country, This Town | Leave a Comment

A very interesting round table discussion with the next Premier of the province.  I loved how DD tried so hard to win the Yarmouthian votes – hahha!  he even admitted that pulling the ferry out 4 years ago, should have been done differently but also quickly in the same sentence said that the decision wasn’t […]

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