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Don’t Get Scammed

Posted on September 20, 2013 - Filed Under Business, computer repair, computers, Internet, Software, Spam/Scam | Leave a Comment

If you see this popping up on your computer, PLEASEEEEE!!!!!!  do not click REPAIR  – DO NOT CLICK ON REPAIR!  This week alone, I’ve had 5 computers coming in with the same tactic used to scam the customers.  Once you click on it, the program takes over your computer and lock you out of your […]

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Gator Byte Going High Tech

Posted on June 22, 2011 - Filed Under Business, Electronics, gadgets, sale, Software, This Town | Leave a Comment

Haha !  not exactly – but we are trying out the new  bluetooth barcode scanner at our store – to see if it would make things any easier for us.   We figured with using the barcode scanner – we don’t have to type in all the codes on the computer when we are doing the […]

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New Chipped Debit Machine

Posted on January 13, 2011 - Filed Under Business, management, Marketing, Software, Technology | Leave a Comment

While we may not need performance management software at the moment – we definitely need a new chipped debit machine – in compliance with the bank.   For those who haven’t had it done – no worries because even our debit machine company – is doing it for us for free.  You see unlike other stores […]

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Local Game Developers first release!

Posted on January 16, 2010 - Filed Under Entertainment, gaming, Software, This Town | 2 Comments

Xona Games, a local game studio manned by Jason & Matthew Doucette, has finally released their first game on the Xbox Live Indie Marketplace, Decimation X. I haven’t played it yet since it just released today and I’m still at work, but I bought it already. It’s only a buck (80 MS fun-bux) […]

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Debit Machine

Posted on November 26, 2009 - Filed Under Business, Electronics, gadgets, Ranting, Software, Technology | Leave a Comment

We own our debit machine while most stores and businesses rents theirs. The debit machines are different from the POS systems that one uses to record your sales but it is a must to have in any businesses. Some 5 yrs ago, we were approached by a company that sells debit machine […]

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Another Anti-Malware Program Added to my Arsenal

Posted on December 12, 2008 - Filed Under Business, Software | Leave a Comment

Being in this business of trying to repair computers and clean up software problems, I have a growing collection of apps and utilities I use to accomplish the task. AVG 8 and Super Anti-Spyware are the main two I use, combined they’ll get rid of almost everything, but this week I ran into something […]

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Insane Virus Infection

Posted on December 8, 2008 - Filed Under Amused, computer repair, computers, Software | Leave a Comment

I just finished cleaning out a badly infected hard drive, the final count for infected files? 32,914. Yeah, that definitely takes the cake as the worse infection I’ve ever had to deal with. I don’t know what they were doing with that computer, but part of the problem is that they were […]

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Reset a Windows Password

Posted on November 21, 2008 - Filed Under computer repair, computers, Software | Leave a Comment

I’m sure it’s happened to many people out there, I’ve seen it often enough here at the store. Forgetting your logon password for Windows can be a real hassle, especially if you have important files on the computer. You can always load up in safe mode to create a new user account, but […]

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Dragon Naturally Speaking 10

Posted on October 30, 2008 - Filed Under computers, Internet, Software | Leave a Comment

There’s a neat little program out there that has come a long way since the early days when it first debuted. Dragon Naturally Speaking is now up to version 10 and works so well these days, and fast, that it can be of use to anyone who has a lot of typing to do. […]

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I got a Virus!

Posted on September 25, 2008 - Filed Under computer repair, computers, Software | Leave a Comment

I was at home. I saw a file. It was supposed to contain something I wanted, but I knew better. I really did. I knew something bad would happen if I clicked it.
I clicked it.
Half of these weren’t there a few seconds earlier.
Within 30 seconds I had a half dozen pop-ups […]

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Burning DVDs

Posted on August 14, 2008 - Filed Under computers, Internet, Software | 2 Comments

Finding good software for audio/video editing is easy. Finding that same software for cheap, or even free, is a challenge. Programs like Premier and Photoshop go for hundreds of dollars each and that’s a little too much to swallow for the average home user. Now however you can get Blaze Media Pro […]

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Online Meetings

Posted on August 14, 2008 - Filed Under Business, management, Software | Leave a Comment

Back when I started this business and we were buying/selling store returns we’d normally take a couple trips a year to Toronto to meet up with our suppliers and pick out the goods we wanted to buy. Travel isn’t cheap though, along with the air fare and car rentals you need a hotel and […]

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AVG 8.0

Posted on August 11, 2008 - Filed Under Business, computer repair, computers, Software | Leave a Comment

AVG has been my favorite virus scanner for quite some time now because it doesn’t take a lot of resources and seems to do a pretty good job. Version 7.5 free was pretty good but they ended support for that a while ago. When they killed support for 7.5 they cranked out a […]

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Get Organized

Posted on July 8, 2008 - Filed Under Business, Internet, Software | Leave a Comment

One thing I could certainly stand to do is be a little more organized. I forget little things a little too often (big things too sometimes, oops) mostly because I’m just too busy to remember it all. A new website is aiming to help people like me to get organized with Smead Organomics, […]

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